I just dont understand people. I spend my life bending over backwards to help other people. Mostly family but its what I do. I help others. Why is it that in my time of need those I help wont return the favor? I mean my mom lives with me, i feed her, shelter her, clean up after her, I do it all. She is not disabled she just fell on hard times. My SIL treats me like a doormat, always lying to me about where shes going so i will keep my nephew (my brother is deployed) never caring whats going on in my life its always all about her. But still I do it for my nephew after all its not his fault. I just dont understand why after everything I do for them how they cant do anything to help me in my time of need. I have 3 kids, my oldest is 11. She has H1N1 as well as pneumonia. I havent slept in 3 days, my house is a mess, i have my 7 yr old who goes to school but then i have my 2 yr old with a low immune system and my 1 yr old nephew to try to keep away from my oldest all day. I have had to go to the dr with my oldest every day this week. Do you think either of them offered me help? NO! not even a hey can I cook dinner for you, clean the dishes, bathe the babies, let you take a nap, sweep the floor, f\old the laundry.... NOTHING! yet here i am loading up all the kids including my nephew to take my dd to the dr. here i am cooking for 8 people every day, cleaning for 8 people every day. Having to ask my neighbor to come sit with the kids long enough for me to get a shower. It is so crazy that I bend over backwards on a daily basis to help but yet when i need a little help no one even offers! My hubby has been my savior, letting me rest when he gets home, but he works long hours to support us. I feel so bad having to ask him to do things because i know that he to is tired. My MIL took the day off yesturday to help me out with the kids and work around the house, she even let me take a nap... Thank God for her. but my own family those who should offer thier help... nothing I just dont understand it.

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 9:36 AM

Hugs coming your way.I am so sorry you are going though this.

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