Election Time and Disrespect

Why does it seem like we can never escape high school?  Election day has come and gone, but yet, ramifications are still coming to light.  I can see now, that no matter how old we are, people enjoy talking about how "stupid" and "retarded" other people are.  I am all for free speech, but I also wish people used common sense. 

I don't call someone stupid or retarded and treat them like a lower life form just because they disagree with me on politics, religion, or even how to raise a child.  When someone goes to vote and CHOOSES to vote blind... it annoys me, but I won't treat them any different, because, in America, they HAVE THAT RIGHT.  When I, research all candidates for hours on end, for weeks on end, and make AN EDUCATED decision, I am retarded and stupid and should be riding the "short bus."  Why is that?

An Ohio State study came to the conclusion that conservatives tend to understand BOTH sides of issues MORE OFTEN then their liberal counterparts.  I didn't believe this at first, but right now.... I am begining to understand what they meant.  Conservatives (generally speaking) tend to ignore "negative" ads moreso than liberal counterparts.  Conservatives tend to research things more fully than their liberal counterparts as well.  I know a lot of people who CLAIM to understand politics and the issues and CLAIM to be ABOVE all the propaganda shown on television or aired on the radio.... but then I hear them QUOTE statements MADE on those ads........ but can't or won't tell me where they found their information--- but I don't call them stupid and I don't tell them they are wrong.  I just tell them, I FOUND DIFFERENT INFORMATION and stop there. 

Now to explain to you what has been happening to me for the past few years......... 

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