I lived in Cape Coral since 2004 and I moved from Miami Florida in Jan 2003.  I was originally born in Perth Amboy NJ and moved down to Miami Florida at age of 5.  I have been living in Florida ever since and really love South Florida.  I have two children (2 yr old daughter, 6 yr son), been married for over 14 yrs and I'm 37 yrs of age.  There's time that I miss Miami because Cape Coral aka Cape Coma is nothing like Miami expecially the Cuban Community.  My parents are Cuban and have lived in this country since 1969.   

Please check out the Journals that I post every so often...Hope you don't mind my positivity because I like to post positive affirmations that can help others in positive way.  I've been bashed for being positive but I feel its part of my job to help others in postive fashion.  You will see what I mean when you read the journal called "Positive Purpose in Life".

 Hope I can connect sometime with good Cafe Mom.  Flora

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