Question: Do you believe in true love?




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so steve is my friend.  and he's in this competition to win an engagement ring.  please read his story then vote vote vote.  it doesn't cost anything.  its not a scam.  just true love in the working. 

Hey friends,
I need your help. recently I preached in senior chapel at CBC and in the "thank you's" portion of my sermon, I thanked Katie Kuzma. In my thank you to her I said, "Katie, I love you, and I promise that one day when I have enough money I will make you my wife...so consider us pre-engaged(LOL)!", I meant this statement!

I have been dating Katie for a little over a year and a half and have spent almost every day gro...wing together and building an impenetrable love for one another. I am certain and without doubt that this is the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with! I love her so much!

This past year has been pretty arduous on our schedules and between: working at Praise Assembly as the Young Adults pastor, going to school full-time, working on my internship, playing soccer for CBC, being an RA in the mens dorms, and finishing up my senior year here at schoo, I haven't had much time to spend on my life post-graduation. After I graduate CBC I hoping to answer the call to full-time ministry and am going pursue Katie even deeper and eventually make her my wife
(secret's out!).

So one day as I was looking at engagement rings I stumbled upon a website that was hosting a rather interesting competition. In this contest, every couple makes a profile and describes their relationship and why they believe they should win. I decided to make a profile and thought this would be an awesome and fun step in the direction towards engagment. The winner of this contest receives an engagement ring of their choice!
I told Katie about this and excitedly asked her if she would mind that I entered us into this contest...she said I was crazy and agreed!
(she supports me HAHA!)

Now, all YOU have to do is click on the link provided and once on the website click "vote for this couple".

The way to win this contest is by collecting the most votes by the deadline which is really soon!

Engagement Ring Round 2: PLEASE Vote again for Stephen Luna and Katie Kuzma


so if you can PLEASE help me, I will forever be indebted to you!!

If you want to help me further, you can do so by copying and sending this message/link to other friends that you know!
you can also vote once from your computer and once from your phone...

God Bless,
Stephen "wishes he can get engaged" Luna

she may know about my contest, yet she has no idea of my future big plans! ;)

Our Story
Katie & I are from Chicago and have lived there our entire lives. It wasn't until we moved to college in MIssouri (500 miles) that we met. We met in bible college and from day one we have spent nearly every day in each others arms! I know she's my gift from God & I will go any distance for her lov

Why We Should Win
I have loved Katie from day one, but since we're both finishing up school, finances are limited. She is not a materialistic girl and I know she would be satisfied with any ring but I believe the worlds most gorgeous girl deserves the most beautiful ring from me! Please help me marry my dream girl!

If we win, this is what we selected


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Nov. 5, 2010 at 4:57 AM

Voted! And, voted this POP so more can see and vote!  :-)

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