My husband wants me to be a good old fashioned house wife, to cook and clean and care for the kids. Which is fine, except that I'm not aloud to touch his stuff that is now piling up in a corner. He doesn't like my go to meals, but doesn't want to give me any suggestions on what to cook. He always says he doesn't care, but then gets upset because it isn't what he wants. He has an opinion on everything that should be up to me, the stay at home wife, but he can't fix or put together the stuff that should be up to him to take care of. Things like, I want to do cloth diapering and he says no, yet he can't seem to get the guts up to ask to use someones garage so we can change the head lights in my car (we have to take the bumper off to change the lights, long storey). Some days I really think he would be happy to just play video games all day.  I can't seem to get threw his head that if he wants me to be the good old fashioned house wife then he needs to be a good old fashioned husband and tell me what the hell he wants for dinner. I feel trapped and I can't really complain to my friends, Most of them couldn't even dream about being where we are at let alone that we have issues too. If I do try I get their problems dumped on me, instead of me being able to vent it turns into a my problem is worse than yours. Sometimes I just wish that he was working 2 jobs again, then I would only see him a little bit at a time and he wont have time to complain...maybe then I could sell the stupid XBox.... I'm already feeling better. I guess I just needed to vent a bit.

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