Asalam 3laikum my dear friends :)

I pray that you are all well and in good health!

I recently bought a "Speaking Quran" from Abjad Resources and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I believe that this Quran is perfect for new converts, and for those struggling to read the Quran. I also believe that this Quran would encourage children to read the Quran.

Some Features include:-

* Reasons of revelations ( Imam As-Suyouti ).
‎* Hadith related to the verse when applicable.
‎* A verse is recited three times for memorization.
‎* Record your recitation of a verse and compare it with your favorite Qari.
‎* Practice one tajweed rule on each page.
‎* Tajweed rules explained in Arabic.
‎* Meaning of Quran vocabulary.
‎* Listen to different Qira'aat when applicable.
‎* Grammar rules applicable to each word in the verse (Juz' Amma only).
‎* Verse-by-Verse Translation ( English, Malay, French and German).
‎* Download and listen to translation of your choice (Urdu, Turkish, etc).
‎* Tajweed rules easily identified through color coded Qur'an text.
‎* Tajweed symbols explained.
‎* Sudais or Shuraim Qur'an recitation.
‎* Download and listen to additional Qaris of your choice, ( Meshary, Abdul-Basset etc... )

To purchase this Quran or learn more about it, or to watch a short video please visit  I just know you and the family will love it!!!

p.s. I personally know the person who runs this site :D

Much love to you,
~Mayooosh =)

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