My oldest sil was in line to have the family Thanksgiving dinner...again.

She is working 2 part-time jobs, as she has in the past., her children are grown. She just got back from a cruise and before she left, it was mentioned that it might be nice if she had Thanksgiving dinner this  year. 
Well Dh just got a text from her that stated her house was too much of a mess to even think about having the family all there---again---this year. My poor sil.. that is my age, will wind up having the crew this year.  We "won"having it here last year because the oldest sil couldn't get her act together last year.

I think this year, they should just blatantly tell her, she is hosting Thanksgiving next she has a WHOLE year to prepare. 

Most people can get their house together well enough to have family over... maybe she is soo used to people picking up the slack that she KNOWS if she doesn't do it, someone else will quickly pick it up just so we can all be together.

I think it is wrong.

DH's famlly also gets together on Christmas Eve.. we have done it forever. Now the sil that is my age, suggested that maybe it be at our house this year........ wrote the older sil a note  and have not heard back yet.

I know she claims she does not check her email, so after I get my work schedule for the holiday season today, I am going to mail out invites to have the Family Christmas Eve gathering here.   Will see what comes of that. (older sil claims they HAVE To go to midnight mass at her church)

I am glad that we can all be together but why is it always a rush whenever her hosting is a suggestion.?   Actually, dh, dds have opted to join my side of the family this  year for Thanksgiving.  My youngest stated that she never feels like she gets to see them. So I suggested that they do Thanksgiving with my side since we ALWAYS do Christmas Eve with Dh's side.   Seemed to go over well.

Sadly, I work so I will not get to enjoy the family at Thanksgiving.. but that is the territory with a job in healthcare.. which I have been part of forever.


cannot wait to her the sil that is my age's reaction to this snafu.


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