I'm Jismery, I'm 18, and even if i have a whole life ahead of me I'm in pain. my heart hurts. on Tuesday November 2,2010 i was expecting to turn 3 months instead i had to rush to the hospital and find out that i had another miscarriage. my first was on May 2009 i will never forget  my angel. i have heard so many times that god doesn't give you what you cant handle, but come on twice, isn't my pain ,my heart broken, my tears inhofe. my partner tries to be strong in front of me but i just wish he would let go and cry with me. i have fear, fear that if i get pregnant again god is go in to take my baby away. i don't want more angels in the sky looking out for me. i want to be a mother the best one i could be,i have always had dreams of being a mom,changing diapers,walking outside with my stroller, my baby,my husband, my life. it hurts i wake up crying i go to sleep panicking crying, i might even started to loose my mind but all i know is that  my babies are always with me, in my heart,in my mind, in my room,in my life.

Thank you for reading this, i never share in public what i have gone thru, im tired, my heart is tired, but i want you to know that even if i don't know you i love you as you know what i have gone thru

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 12:29 PM

im am sorry for your loss. and i wil send a prayer for u and keep you in my thoughts. i do know what u are going threw i had a miscarriage in 2006 and even though i was only about 10 weeks i bonded with my baby... and everyday on xmas day(the day i miscarried) i think of him/or her

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 12:33 PM

thank you for the prayer, thankgiving is coming up and i was goin to give thanks for the opportunity of having a baby again and bein a mom but now i guess i have to give thanks for another angel....thank you for your comment i know im not alone now that im here

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