I have known most of my friends from the first few months we have lived here.. over 16 years.  Most of us have come and gone with frequency of getting together, but alot of us have been "rejoined" since most of us have college age children now.

But there is a very tight circle with 2other couples and ourselves. WE go out every week for dinner and sometimes another time on the weekend. My one friend i refer to her as the "queen". she likes to let people decide things, or think we decide things,and then the queen just changes all the plans..And sadly we let this happen.

SO last night, I had made a suggestion for a place to go for dinner and friend #1 and the queen said sounds good.  Well then Friend #1 realized her hubby had a meeting and where we had planned dinner would not work for him to get there.

We decided to change the meeting place so he could join us,,, sadly between friend #1 and myself, we forgot to tell the queen.  SHe called us and asked where we all were... she was at the first chosen meeting place. I felt really bad but I honestly thought she knew. She as quite ticked off and hung up on Dh when he answered the phone.

Then this morning the group of ladies met for breakfast... the queen was supposed to be there as well... last minute, she decides she is not able to come due to her job. (she always gets annoyed when I cannot make things due to my job)  So now she is pushing for people to go out tonight because she missed the fun this morning.

It is raining and ugly here and I really don't know who is going to want to go anywhere tonight...

She is supposed to have a group of us over her house tomorrow night for LADIES sleepover but I do not know if many people are able to go.

She thinks we should all throw away any other plans to do this.

Her story is, she LOVES LOVES LOVES to go anywhere, but on her timetable. and she gets easily disappointed when no one can 'come out to play'.  Also her hubby is away so she wants to have this wild and crazy time before he comes home later this weekend.

She will even go watch a movie that she really has no interest in truly seeing! just to be out.

She is baffled as to why friend #1 and I like to cook dinners for ourselves when the girls are not home. Can't quite figure that one out.

And let me tell you, the queen is an excellent cook!  If she made you a dish or dessert,  you can be sure it will be delicious!

It is like we are dealing with a 2 yo who has temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way... and she is completely oblivious that she does this. So in some ways we are so mad at her but we just keep going back for more... what can we do to break this vicious cycle?

We keep trying to make her be in charge but then we have no idea until 1 hour before as to where and when we are meeting for a meal.

She does not really plan anything, and the rest of us are true planners.

AUGH..she makes us pull our hair out.   (even her hubby thinks she is over the top)


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