Great article, thought I would share.

You CAN be healthy and still eat fat!

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 5:48 PM

Great article!  Thanks for sharing!!  All the things that are thrown out at us now a days can get so confusing!!  When my father had emergency quadruple heart by-pass surgery 14 years ago, he was told to stop eating eggs everyday for breakfast ~ among other things.  Now, they are finding those things aren't as bad as they thought!  I have been learning more about how different things work in the body since working with Yoli.  We have a product that helps reduce acidity in your body ~ never knew that acidity levels could mess so many things up!!  Everything from building muscle, muscle recovery, acid indigestion, causing illness and much more.  Goes hand in hand with our diets and how other fats, minerals, vitamins work within our body!


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