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my everyday trials and tribulations

So I'm back with Luke for our third time.Don't slap me for sounding naive but things seem different this time. I still love his goofy ass I just need him to think a little harder about his jokes since they are just plain rude and not funny sometimes.As we all know I had been thinking about him but just afraid to contact him.Then last night I got an email from him asking me how I was and about Kandyce which he spelt correctly, then asked if I would call him or something. I instant messages him to see what eh had to say since I am nice in that way of giving everyone a chance.He asked if he could come by so we could talk.We just talked about what went wrong the two times we were together and is we still loved each other blah blah blah. He seems serious this time he wants to come to my house for thanksgiving which is interesting since i thought he had commitment problems in the past.Kandyce doesn't really care for him I'm pretty sure its because hes white since she only around black people since that's what we all are.I hope she doesn't take too long to warm up to him since I look forward to him being around

In other disturbing news....Karla has not and doesn't look like shes paying me my money back which leaves me short on rent.Its so annoying since I'm getting checks in December, March and a income tax check so its only these two months I'm screwed.I hope TANF or something comes to my aid but so far I see nothing.My sister and Karla get evicted too since my sister depends on Karla to pay everything.Then somehow they got in a fight with my mom since they messed up.I feel really bad for my niece but I need to take care of myself first. All in all being back in love makes me hopeful hat something will work out for me and ill get through everything with a smile on my face and so far i have been taking my exercise seriously now if only I can finish these 4 homework assignments before Monday at midnight when the semester is over.i have an A in math and an F in English since the broad hasn't graded all my work yet I feel like shes going to give me a B or C on purpose I need all As to balance out that F from last semesters math class when the damn program wouldn't open for me surely there's someone that can take that off my record right? Its messing up my whole grade point average.Newsflash i need good credit to be a top notch accountant, this can screw up my ten year plan for sure.

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