I read somewhere that using YouTube is a great way to bolster the popularity of a blog and I'm inclined to agree. I just think to use YouTube you have to add videos regularly and if you do that, it works! So far we've only posted 4 videos but more are in the works. We've just been busy organizing.

We are though ever looking for ways to popularize our blog and I've thought of a way to do just that. I formed a group called Blog Connectors. At Blog Connectors mom bloggers can connect with each other and help each other by:

Subscribing to each other's updates

Following each other's blogs

reading each other's posts and leaving meaningful comments

participating in the link exchange program

participating in giveaways

following or Like each other on FaceBook

follow each other on Twitter

follow each other on YouTube

helping and leaving suggestions for anything that can help a mom bolster her blog popularity and to make money from blogging.

This is a new group so there's lots of room for suggestions.

If you'd like to participate just visit us at Blog Connector!

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