I think is more of a discussion than a journal. My friend is having hard times and took some gently used toy to a consignment store and the woman there would not take her items. She has brought used items there many times but this time the woman would not take her toys and then said if she did they are so dirty she would have to hire someone to clean them. My friend told her they are clean they just need to be wiped down. The woman said no, they are filthy. Then the woman said well I will give you a dollar. My friend was a little offended and said no thank and told the woman that she had been going there for many years and never had a problem like this before and walked away. Now while she was waiting to have her item inspected she started looking for some clothes for her son. They tried them on and they fit very well, so when my friend walked away he began to put the clothes back in their place. After my friend walked away the woman said very loudly "some people are so rude, she wasn't a very nice person" and my friend heard her at the front of the store walked back and said "I am a very nice person and I don't need you to humiliate me in front of all these people". And she walked out. My poor friend I felt so bad when she told me this. How dare this woman do this to anyone. She has no idea what she is going through and my friend. She was trying to exchange the items  for her son who needed some clothes.  She cried and called her DH and told me the next day. I have a good mind to go to that store and give them a piece of my mind. I have been there before and I don't go there often because the woman in the front is moody. But I think I might go there and let them know how hurtful their behavior was and that  in this day many people are doing what they can to provide for their family.

mean people suck

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 4:35 PM

How dare that woman be so rude.There is a thing called ''KARMA'' and one day it will get that woman. Some people are think they are better than others and the truth is NOBODY is better than anyone..Sorry this happened to your friend..

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