My Dh has been sick for a while now. He's had abdominal pain for years that we can't explain. He has had tubes down his throat, colonoscopy, etc. Nothing has come about as to why he is hurting. His back has been a great source of pain for him and we found out that he has an abnormal amount of bone spurs on his spine for his age. They did RA tests and they turned out negative.

He had some blood work done and a glucose rule out diabetes. It was found he might be glucose intolerant and his liver enzymes were abnormally high. We are not sure what is causing his liver enzymes to be high and the tests he needs..has to be approved by insurance. Just say a prayer or send positive thoughts that it will go through, that his pain can be located, and treated.

It's just been an emotional two days for us and DH is in the medical field. He has seen patients with liver cancer and it down right scares him to think that anything of this nature could be wrong with him. He is leaning towards a fatty liver more. It does concern us that a few years back there was a liver cyst that showed up on one of his tests and we were told not to worry about it by ER doctors. I just don't understand..We don't drink due to religious beliefs and he rarely ever takes any medications. He's not on any daily medications...he was put on blood pressure meds this past visit, but nothing you would associate with causing liver damage.

My Dh is my best friend and my soul mate. It scares me to think that anything could be wrong with him life threatening. I just love him to pieces and we do everything together. We have two little girls together, been married for almost ten years, and been through so much...we've just always stood beside one another and we are all we both have. We don't have top notch great relationships with our families due to some issues. It's just been us. He's just such a good person, makes me laugh when I am down...we have the same sense of humor, he's romantic...he recently took me on a tour of old homes and a Dinner on a lake...I've been wanting to do that for years with him, he loves his girls...we were told we could never have children....he just loves are girls like crazy, he's turned our oldest into a Halo, and I could go on. I just still get those butterflies in my stomach like we did when we were dating. That's the kind of love we have and how much he means to me. Thank you for just letting me get this out. I cried last night in the shower...after we talked about his fears and today it turned to anger as I was told we needed approval for a test that could ease our minds.

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 5:21 PM Aww hun bless his heart, Iam sorry to hear that, Yall be in my prayers!

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 9:16 PM

Ty so much. I also appreciate the friend request very much too:)

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Did they checked his bladder? My sis had siilar pains for a year. Doctors can't seem to find what's going on with her. Every night she would suffer from horrible stomach pains/abdominal pains. It got worst everyday werein she vomits every night and eventually can't take any food. There was a time she vomitted blood. Same as you, I cry everytime....then we found a new doctor whom was able to find out what was going on with her. They found three cysts on her bladder...When the doctors removed it surgically, she felt better and eventually her health went back to normal. She started eating and got really well. Don't lose faith my friend, continue to be strong and just keep praying. This will pass. If it's the cysts, I hopethey could take it out right away. It mght be the one causing the pain. Pls keep us updated. Hugs to you and te kiddos...

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 2:04 PM

No they haven't Tatar...TY...I will tell him. We were just assuming the abdominal pain was associated with the liver thing now. That has been going on for years and he can never get relief. He ends up in the ER and the first 2 times they kept diagnosing him with food poisoning. TY I will tell him to bring this up to his doctor.

We are still awaiting approval today for the tests and we are thinking it looks good. That it is just new procedure since our plan has changed. It also bring us worry about our girls' VCUG and renal ultrasounds this month. I wonder if we need approval for them..though we have been getting them yearly since Lilly was 1 and Emmie was most of you know they have hereditary bladder/kidney issues.

We did get one of his tests back today and he is negative for hepititis. So I guess it's more waiting.

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