Youngest child was put in hospital Sunday, and stayed till Tuesday afternoon. He is ok now, but it was so scary knowing that he had to be there. Came home to a messy home, but that was ok it was just nice being home instead of sleeping at the hospital. House is in order now, and I am finally able to relax somewhat. Oldest child will be going to bio's for the weekend, and hubby has drill so basically me and the 6 year old at home during the day here. Weather is calling for flurries, so dont mind as I am in the stay at home mood. The one nice thing is that I arranged with another mom to pick up my son in the mornings so we dont have to wait at the bus stop in the cold. We have to walk a block in the mornings so her picking him up is a blessing. Tried to give her gas money, but she said she had to drop her little one off too, so one extra was no problem and not out of her way. Another good thing here is I am finally putting the border on the last blanket for my son's teacher. I am just going to do coffee mugs, with hot coco, and apple cider for the bus drivers and the school nurse for christmas.

Anyways that's been my week here. Hope everyone else has had a better one than I have.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 5:36 AM

Glad to hear your LO is okay! I hope you get to enjoy some "down" time and can relax! I like your gifts to the Teacher and Bus Drivers...nice!! And, yay for good "friends" the Mom who's helping out with getting your son to school! Sweet!

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