Friends, a few months ago I was honored and thrilled to be invited to submit a story to a brand new motherhood anthology called Milk & Ink (edited by Eros-Alegra Clarke, Jordan Rosenfeld, Nina Perez and Tomi L. Wiley). The contributor list is truly impressive and best of all, the proceeds go to an important cause called Mama Hope. Here's a snippet from the press materials ...

Milk & Ink is here now! This anthology of stories, essays and poems by writing mothers celebrates the intensity of being both mother and writer. It also will inspire all to recognize the power of living true to your passions and life purpose.

Milk &\ Ink focuses on the experience of motherhood, but it also speaks to everyone: fathers, daughters, and sons. This anthology, not only in its stories, but in its creation and promotion, seeks to acknowledge the need we have for one another.

Proceeds of the project will be donated to Mama Hope, which supports women and children in Africa in a variety of projects.To purchase copies you may visit one of the following links:

Outskirts Press

I think you'll love this book. And I know it'll make a great holiday gift for any reader on your list.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 12:30 AM

Oh, Ellen, firstly, please accept my congratulations for being included in this wonderful new anthology!  Wonderful!  (*ahem*  How could they n-o-t include you, hmmm?  Smart editors, I say!  *wink*)

Secondly, I love that this book exists & that they are seeking to do something good & lovely for our sisters in Africa who may not have all of the material & physical advantages that we ladies here in the US enjoy. 

Let's be grateful for good well done, & let's spread the word!  *wink*

Keep being fabulous, darling!  *muah*


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