Just bored and curious as to how every good mom and child is doing tonight.  I am about the same.  Hey thats evasive.  Well if there was no nosey, then i could type more...anyway, so how are all the kids doing in their schooling???  My son is doing pretty good considering....considering mommy/teacher is sick this week....I still do my duties...so there....hahahaha grumpy old man.  Even with a fever of 104, in past, I still got up, did my "chores" and took care of my son 24-7...not as fast maybe but still got up.  How was everyones Halloween?  Any child or teen get out of line?  you know, mischief???lol 

Oh I have a question but i will ask on "questions".

Have a good night....not too good.lol...cause i am envious or jealous. not sure which one...since my so called life is miserable with the only exception of my precious son of course.


Ms. Amy B.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 6:46 AM

Doing ok.  no news is good news, lol.

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