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i guess i have always wanted to journal just never knew what to say .

well lets give it a try,i am telling myself.

I am a happily married mother of 2 boys as my profile already gives it away.

My days are so busy that some nights i just sit there and wonder how i finished the day.

A normal day for me usually includes dropping my 10 year old at school,going to work,picking him up at school,driving to the high school to pick up my 16 year old, and apparently that's when my day starts.lol

I am the driver ,the chef,the cleaner, the one who does the laundry, the one who handles the calls...

You might be wondering, are you a single mother??? no, but my husband works very hard,he usually leaves the house around 4am and some nights doesn't make it back till anywhere between 6-7pm.

I like to leave his time at home so that he spends time with our boys, and me i guess.

He is really a good provider,and I try to do what I can to juggle it all.Some days I wish I could just disappear, but God gives me strength,and talking to other moms who usually have a lot more time in their hands,I suppose I stay out of a lot of trouble by keeping busy.

It is interesting to hear opinions on how I should live or do things differently, but when I try to be the one giving the advice a lot of women will see that somehow I keep it all together and they don't.

I have always tought that when you do what you have to do no matter how little of how big your schedule is,without complaining it makes it much easier.

When I wake up in a complaining mood I have a horrible day ,and those are usually my easy days.

So lets make the best of it.  Unless someone else is going to get up and do it to shut me up (which never happens),lets just get it done and have a nice cup of tea to celebrate.

group hug

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 5:20 AM

welcome to cafemomBusy Mom! Enjoy!!

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 7:57 PM

You are one busy mom!! Thanks for sharing just a little with us!

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