This year my husband and I and the 2 girls are going to travel during the holiday season my mom and dad and DH's Parents live 3 hours away from us and we are going there on Thanksgiving and then go back down on Christmas day and I just want some tips and advice to make my 2 in a half year old happy and not throwing terrible 2s tantrums during the trip.. Should I stay in the back seat with the 2 girls or sit in the front with DH.. We never went on trips as a family just DH and I but we usually stay home during Thanksgiving and Christmas.. And we would invite them up but they want us to come down so that we do not have to cook for everyone and besides my mom and dad's house are bigger then my house and it can fit more people in there house.. And then we are going to my inlaw's which is another 25 mintues in the car and we are going to spend the night there.. We are going down there for Christmas so we might have to leave on Christmas day after the Girls get up and open up the presents so how can I keep my 2 year old dd happy and not throwing terrible 2s tantrums in the car like I said before we never took trips in the car with our kids.. But I think my 4 month old dd will be fine and I think my 2yr old dd will be happy the whole way down just asking for a few tips...

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