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I am NOT a sales person. I DO NOT like pushing stuff at my family and friends. I work full time outside the home and like most Americans we are struggling! So, I joined a work from home group here on CM. I never even looked at the business ads because I knew that wasn't for me. Until I saw an ad for MPB Today. I joined an awesome Mom Team that works together! I read all I could find and watched all the videos. The more I learned the more excited I got!

So, now I want to spread some of that excitement! I am offering $25 to the first two moms that join me. After that I'll give you $75 when you bring your friends with us!  It will be the easiest $100 ever!!!

Who doesn't want $300 checks and a $200gift card?!?

PM with questions CafeMoms or email me at ldisney@roadrunner.com!

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