I feel like I am at the end of my rope. From the time my son wakes up til the time he goes to bed it is just one temper tantrum after another. When he is not tantruming he is sitting on me, jumping on me, playing with my hair - in some sort of physical contact with me. It just never ends. I put a movie on for him to watch so I can get some house work done and then it is a screaming fit because he wants to sit on me while he watches it. I am on the computer and he is trying to push me off my seat and demanding that we watch fishies on youtube. This morning he freaked out because I was making breakfast instead of paying undivided attention to him.

My husband doesn`t live with us and I never get a momment to myself. Even when we visit DH (about once a month) I have to stay at a hotel with DS so I don`t even get a break then.

The only time I get away from him is when he is sleeping and even then because of our living situation he sleeps in the same bed as me. Lately he has been sick and refuses to sleep. Last night he didn`t get to sleep until 5 am and then was up at 9 am. This morning has been hell. Even now I am typing this one handed as he has my other arm and is scream that he wants to go down stairs.... this is after demanding we come up stairs to watch a movie not 10 minutes ago.

I have no idea how to handle this. I feel like I am slowly going crazy. We go to play group but he doesn`t want to do anything but sit with me and it is only once a week for 2 hours. It has been too cold to go to the park, but even when we do it is still him screaming if I move more than 3 feet away from him.

Everything I do is determined by him and his tempertanturms. I try so hard not to give in but every time I get him off one thing he is right on to the next.

``Mommy I want chocolate` he screams for 20 minutes... I get him off that by suggesting that we go out side. It then takes me 20 minutes to get him ready because he refuses to wear his jacket and is trying to pinch me and pull my hair to get it to stop. Ok so we get the jacket on and out the door then it is `I wanna go to grandma`s park`` We can`t go to grandma`s park because she lives 45 min away. Then he screams to go back inside I try and play with him but no deal, so we go back inside, where he screams for another 15 minutes because he didn`t want me to take off his boots. He gets settled again and I try to make dinner, he follows me into the kitchen screaming that he doesn`t want dinner, he just wants me to play with him. I tell him I will play while dinner is cooking. This leads to another break down. I make dinner anyways because we need to eat. There goes 2 hours nothing done but tantrums.

I have tried time outs, I have tried ignoring him, I have tried coddling him, I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. I feel like I am drowning. I feel lost and a lone and I have no idea what to do. I am tired and worn out and I feel like I am losing myself. I just want a break even if it is just for 2 hours. I just can`t so this anymore, it can`t keep going on like this.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 6:28 PM

  I am sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed.  Sometimes getting a break away may help.  Do you have a babysitter, or someone who can take him for an hour or two?  It is important for you to have some "me time".  Hopefully that would make you feel better.  If you need a friend or some ideas you can message me.  I will try and help you through this, don't worry things will get better. 

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