My boyfriend of three years, wont move in with me, he still lives  with his mom, yeah its a separate apartment but its hooked to her place and its really just a room with a bathroom. I live in a nice three bedroom town house with my three kids, I pay all my own bills and there is plenty of room for him to stay here and even on the weekends he has his kids there would be some room then too, it may be tight for thats weekend but it would be so much easier having the kids all together instead of splitting them up and having them complain about wanting to see each other. I take him to work on days his mom or dad cant, cause he dont have a license, I pick him up at night cause his mom cant drive in the dark. but it seems like we hardly ever see each other unless its when i take him to or from work. we almost always only talk online. when i do call him i spend most the time listening to him talk about his video game he is playing or some movie he is watching, we never do anything special like go out to dinner or a movie, we went to a concert on my birthday, and he looked so bored, hes not a country fan and it was sweet that he took me but i had the feeling he took me cause he was scared he was loosing me casue I had told him a few days before that i was so tired of feeling lonely all the time. we hardly have sex anymore and half the time when we do right in the middle of it he goes soft and the he gets all pissy and frustrated and just gets up and gets dressed, I read online that its not uncommon for some men over the age of 30 to have that happen occasionally. but when I tried to tell him this he gets even more pissy and then basically ignores me. whenever I tell him how i feel that i feel lonely cause he is never around and how i cant hug or kiss my computer monitor that I would rather he be here he just tells me hes sorry that's he is making me feel like this. I have never been in a relationship where I feel this lonely. I want  someone to come home to besides the kids, someone to talk to face to face when the kids go to bed, someone who wants to get married and maybe have more kids in the future and he don't, Im thinking him and I need to have a serious talk cause I honestly feel like im dating a high school kid and not a Man of 34 years of age..

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 2:12 PM

I'd leave him.

He is using you, & he "may" have someone else that he is interested in.

He just doesn't know how to tell you, AND if he can't get away from Mom,or if this "possible" other person -doesn't provide what all you do...he doesn't know how to go about leaving you!

Just a thought, but...I've gone through this. I've seen it done to friends for yrs, until too mnay yrs have been wasted on him, & then "HE" decises to "break it off"...leaving them knowing they were used!

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 2:37 PM

It sounds like he does not have any plans to make a life with u any time soon. sorry!  He has it good with mom why leave?  Find someone  Who is ready for a real relationship like u r. I  know,easy to say.  I read what I could sorry,it was small.

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