We teach are kids to look both ways when crossing the street, we teach are kids to  to be themselves not  to do drugs, just to be them selves etc etc but why is it that when it comes to the most important talk of all we try to avoid the issue?

Is it because you dont know how to start the subject? Or is it because ya dont want them to think the worse of ya which they may do cause you know a few things on the subject? whatever the reason please talk to them about it.

Theres so much that can be avoided unwanted teen pregnancies unwanted stds and viruses that last a life time and ya got it in 5 minutes of what ever.

There are easy ways to approach the subject believe it or not your kids do listen even though they may not show it. Heres to your good health. :}

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Nov. 14, 2010 at 5:01 PM

if and when you find out , please let me know.

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