I feel fortunate to have been a Working Mom Outside of the Home, a Stay at Home Mom and a Work At Home Mom. What a fun and crazy ride this has been!

I recently realized that our Heavenly Father, wanted me to discovery that I was meant to be a mom and wife. And you know what? I truly love it!

My passion has been parenting our son and being a supportive spouse, these 18 years. At each "working stage", both have been challenging and demanding but it was the right choice for me and our family.

When your 18 year old son tells you that you've been a great mom and still gives you hugs, you know you've done some thing right. And isn't that our goal...to raise them into Godly men and women...to go out on their own?

I want to let all the moms out there know that there is no right or wrong.

Let's quit beating up on each other and ourselves and support each other's choice.

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