Soooooo...I'm a little bored so I figured I'd start this.

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant. Can't wait for the little one to be here....but

I wish my animals wouldn't be so expensive. I have 3 dogs,4 cats and a horse.

One dog and 2 cats needed a routine check up today and shots. I spent 428 Bucks.

It doesn't end there...the dog also needs a urine mic because she leaks....which is gonna cost another 100 bucks. Also I need to change her food because she has allergies which sucks because I have another dog that has allergies and does great on the food I feed now( which is also expensive food but slightly cheaper than the vet food) and now I have to buy extra food for the dog that I don't know what she can eat.

So my husband is basically gonna kill when I tell him about this. now I'm freaking out about how much these animals cost and how much we still need to buy for the baby.

sigh......but nothing I can do about that now....can I.

I suggested finding new homes for the cats to my husband...but all get from him is "you can't do that".

But on the other hand he likes to hold all the money that goes to them against me since it is "my fault"

that we have so many.

Yes I did bring a lot of them home but never kept them without my husband agreeing. Also I want to mention that we've had 2 more cats and a dog "temporally" and if it wouldn't have been for me we would still have those too.

Anyways long story short...animals are expensive and so are kids.

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