As we are approaching the holidays missing my grandma is become more and more eminent.  My mom and grandpa have already made it very clear they do not want to celebrate at all, as Thanksgiving and Christmas were both spent at their (gma and gpa's) house.  I have a feeling they may end up changing there mind but idk.  This is why I need some help.

What I need from you all though are some ideas.  How to maybe make this holiday season a bit more bearable?  How we can honor our grandma even though she is no longer here?  Ideas for decorating her headstone.  And nything else you can think of please.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 5:32 PM

Maybe you could all go together and decorate her headstone??  We usually place a pretty Christmas wreath at my parents headstone.  When we lost my mom, I was 24.  The first Thanksgiving and Christmas were hard, but not celebrating at all with the rest of the family, I feel, would have been harder.  Looking back on the pictures, you can see the sadness in all our faces, but still being together and keeping things going as usual was the best thing.  Six years later, my father also passed.  And a few years ago I had a close cousin pass away from breast cancer just a few days before Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, Thanksgiving wasn't really celebrated that year, but back to normal now.

It does get a little easier, but they are missed greatly throughout the year.  Last year on Thanksgiving evening, my cousin's kids came over and we sat around telling stories about their mom ~ my cousin ~ and had a great time!

I hope this helps in some small way!! 



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Nov. 5, 2010 at 5:33 PM

You can make this a great holiday...I understand why "they" don't think they want to's going to be tough without Gram there....but, I bet your Gram would want EVERYONE to celebrate! I'll bet she may even be upset if they don't! :-) So...why don't you "host" the holidays at YOUR home...invite all and those who want to come can. Maybe you having the celebration at your home will help the others to be a part...maybe they don't want to celebrate because of all the work that goes into doing so...and of course because your Gram isn't there (although, I think she WILL be there)! Hopefully, they will come and spend some time with the family...the people who ARE still here...who they have a chance to love and appreciate (while HERE)!

As far as the Headstone...whatever was her favorite decoration would be good...did she like Christmas Trees (they have some cute little ones with battery operated lights), maybe Poinsettias? Angels? Anything that you know she would have wanted. I hope you will make new memories this year....maybe at Dinner everyone could tell a sweet story about Gram in remembrance? Good Luck...I think you can make it a beautiful holiday season!

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 6:13 PM

  At Christmas time our family always came together Christmas Eve.  Grandma was famous for getting our family all together, celebrating, opening gifts.  The loss of grandma was so hard for all of us, but we knew in our hearts she would want this to continue.  We all came together Christmas Eve and got white balloons and wrote our messages on them to grandma.  It is the most beautiful memory we have everyone standing outside together all the grandchildren,and great grandchildren all come together holding balloons, that go straight to Heaven to our grandma!!!  This has helped us feel she is always a part of Christmas with us.  For Thanksgiving we say a special prayer for grandma, and the love she has left in each of our hearts is something we can forever cherish. 

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