We went to the in-laws last night for supper (not my idea, I worked all day and wanted to relax after working with BH for 7.5 hours) and yeah.  I'm still kind of annoyed.  So here's a list :)

1. You're not my parents, I don't care if you didn't have any daughters of your own and I'm the less annoying if the two DIL you have, I DON'T NEED PARENTING FROM YOU!  I don't need someone who I would not associate with normally (were it not for the fact that I married into your family, I wouldn't pass the time of day with you, you annoy me that much right now) asking me questions about a job I have yet to start, casting doubt on said job (I actually have to pay bills and DON'T have a fantastic job, thank you very much, so I seek other employment when I am able, whatever it may be), and in general making a nuisance of yourself on topics I don't want to discuss with you because I really don't give a flying fig about your opinion.

2. Harassing your son about going to the Mayo Clinic when they don't have any specialists there for his particular problem isn't going to do any good.  Because they don't have any Chiari specialists there, and IF they did, and IF his insurance went out of state that far (it doesn't), they would tell him the same thing we've figured out on our own- THERE'S NO WAY TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!  So why drive that far, spend money we don't have, just to be told what we know?  No thank you.  Accept it and move on with your life- DH has, and he's the one with the health problem.

3. I really don't care what YOU think we should name our daughter.  You are the only people having difficulty pronouncing the name we have chosen.  We are happy with the name.  We did not want to name two daughters after family, we named the first one after family because the name fit, not to immortalize someone or make someone feel super special.  Besides, if you had had a girl, you'd have named her Dandy.  Your other granddaughter is named Trinity.  Those are going to be better later in life than Anah? 

4. Making your son eat isn't going to make his legs work.  So you can stop bugging him about why he isn't eating.  And my daughter does not have to clean her plate; when she is full she is allowed to stop eating.  And by the way Pappy, she's nearly two- she can feed herself.  Food may get lost along the way occasionally, but she DOES NOT need to sit on your lap and have you feed her because she is a tiny bit messy.

Yes, it was a looong night.  I will be fine not seeing them again until Thanksgiving, I think.  To be fair, they can be very easy to deal with sometimes.  Last night was NOT one of those times.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 6:00 PM

lmao....sorry but was very funny feel bad for youfrustrated i think we all wish we could say that to the in laws.....lol

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 12:34 PM

go ahead and laugh :) For me it's either laugh and gripe about them, or throw something large and heavy at them......lol something else I'm sure most of us have wanted to do at some point.

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