The other day started like any other.  The only difference was the phone call from my mom.  She doesn't usually call me, but she called that morning, and she had called twice before, but missed me and left messages.  

She proceeded to tell me that she has been diagnosed with Vulvar Carcinoma.  Meaning that my mom has cancer.  

I haven't known many people that have had cancer.  I knew my dh's uncle.  He was diagnosed in May and died by October of the same year. I have known a few people that were in the very early stages of cancer. They all did very well, but they seemed to have a bunch of information about everything. 

My mom seems to have gotten no information.  She seems to think that her lump is on lymph nodes.  After some research on the internet, her sisters (my aunt) has decided that she is a stage 3.  Of course, nobody can say anything like that without the doctor saying it.  

I'm struggling and I have been crying nonstop.  If anyone knows anything about this subject, please tell me.  Her appt. isn't until Nov. 23.  I would love to know everything on the subject.

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