Here is my Hyperemeis Gravderium story:

Everything started out great, very little nausa and meds were working great. The Saturday before Halloween all hell broke loose. Meds started to fail and here I am vomiting 15 times day day. I could not keep anything down. Sunday I go to Er because I was so weak I could not even give myself a shower. Well Er did not want to do anything for me but rehydrate me. The nurse was a major you know what. She hurried me out of there as fast as she could. She even ran my iv at a very fast rate. She did not even check to see if I could keep anything down after I was given zofran. I knew then that I was doomed..

Monday I call my obgyn. They gave me an appointment for Wednesday and of course try to shove more pills down my throat. That day I threw up nothing but stomach bile. So painful.

Tuesday nothing changed I threw up over 14 times not to mention dry heaved for hours. I could not sip, I could not even swallow my own spit. I remember begging my husband to kill me. ( I know I should not have said that) I was in so much pain from the vomiting and so weak. I was dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out with every vomit.

Wednesday came. Oh Wednesday the day I had been waiting for. I went to the doctors finally. Well my doctor really disappointed me. She just wanted to rehydrate me then send me home. I was told to start taking my medication correctly. I could not hold anything down, how could I take medication? I tried to explain that to her. Keep in mind I was very weak and barely could walk from being so dehydrated. My mother in law mentioned a zofran pump. My doctor acted like she did not want to hear anything about it. Well for some reason they left the room. I guess my mil kept pushing for something other than hydration. Finally my doctor agreed. They sent me down to the infusion clinic to be once again re hydrated. Took five hours to rehydrate me. Took three bags of fluid. They people in the infusion clinic were so friendly and made me feel so much better. Much better than er or even being admitted.

All of my dehydration made me loose 17 pounds in a very short time.

My MIL meanwhile got my home heath set up. Home health came out to the clinic and connected me to a zofran pump. They were very helpful and taught me how to do it myself.  Finally!!! Relief!

I have now been on the pump for three days and I have only been vomiting about five times a day versus 14 or 15. If I need more meds the nurse is available by phone 24/7 she will walk me through a higher dose of meds. I can actually nibble now. I have been keeping food down!!! Where was this option when I was pregnant before? I could have avoided so many hospital visits and so many ivs. I just cry now thinking about how I can eat. I know might sound silly to those who have never had hg but seriously it means the world to me.

Most people that do not know me might think I am exaggerating. I would not be hooked up to a pump if I was not seriously ill. I would not have a nurse monitoring my weight and intake. Do you really think my insurance would pay for something not necessary? I think not.People at work think I am making the whole thing up. Well screw them. They have no idea.

What is a zofran pump? Well it is a pump that pumps constant medication through a tube that is inserted in my belly. I have to change the site every 36 hours and add more medication every 18.

Oh and I almost forgot the day after I got my pump I had my first ultrasound. Everything is looking great and of course I was right on the age. Eight weeks. This makes my hell worth it in the end.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 8:47 PM

congratulationson your PREGNANCY!!!

I'm so sorry you've been dealing with HG!! But, really glad you wrote this post (I'm voting POP). Women need to know about HG and all that goes along with having it. It is very REAL and just like you say above -- it does cause lots of pain...emotional and physical. I'm glad YOU and your MIL finally got someone to help you!! I hope you will be okay from here on out...I know you are still dealing with HG...but, maybe with the pump and help it will be easier on you...I'll be saying a prayer it is!

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 9:54 AM


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