I placed my home made grattitude book down and I thought what I wonderful life I have. Its not perfect, but I would not change one  thing. We so often focus on the bad and we forget that there is so much good. Writing in a gratitude journal can be a way of life. It can transform you. Take time to smell the flowers, wave to someone you dont know. Thank the lord above or a higher power for your health, the car you drive in. I challeng you to make a little journal. Get a spiral book and decorate its cover. Make it your own sacred place. And keep it close by. It takes 28 days to make a change. In other words. After 28 days it should be just a habit to jot a thought or just a sentence. When your sad open your jornal and read what you wrote. Its my hope that you will find the gratitude Journall  close to your hand. I swear it will change you. Not in a bad way, but a good way. Good luck tto you my journal friends.

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