I have finally moved out of my exs house and got my own place with my son now i am faced with a difficult decision i want to go to court to get full custody of my son because me and his dad share it for some stupid reason when he still has not changed he has visitation but his mom takes my son on the weekend but i want to stop everything. My sons dad just got into some trouble and is now facing 2 to 3 years in jail and i think that now would be the time to go to court but i have been looking up full custody right and i know he will trying to make me look bad he does it all the time when he is being the bad parent and i want my son away from him and I'm not sure how to do so. If anyone has been threw this before and has felt the pain I'm feeling please help me i don't know what else to do. PLEASE

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 8:43 PM

Documentation!!! when dealing with him make sure you have a "witness" of some sorts. I am going through with this right now with my soon to be ex hubby. He  is trying to prove im unfit just because i dont have a license. i would have it if it wasnt for him in the first place. Is it court ordered visitation? cuz if it isnt, guess what you have full right to let him/her see him when YOU think it is ok to do so.

If he is facing time, then yep you have a case against him for custody. good luck!

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 5:56 PM

ya my ex is trying to use me not having a license too that's crazy that doesn't mean your an unfit mom and i do have witnesses and documentation i write down every lil thing and its is court ordered visitation but the messed up thing is i only get my son one weekend in the month and his dad get him 3 weekends so i want to change that my son is getting older and i want to see him more then the 5 day... ya i know i have a really good case against him but him and his mom will be whatever it takes to keep him in their lives and i so want my son out they are not good for him at all they fuck with his head my son tells me everything they say and one time he told me that his grandma told him to say he doesn't want to come home that he is scared to be here i flipped out on her cuz he told me she told him to say it and she told he is 3 he doesn't know a lie and the truth but i make sure he knows the difference between them...... this is really stressing me out..


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