I am a rambler, so consider yourself warned. :)

However, I was homeschooling my seven year old son until this past October. Now, he's going to a private Christian academy here in town.

His attitude has drastically changed since he's started going to school there. I honestly don't like this new found him. He comes home thinking he's "Mr. Big." He ignores his brother now until his Daddy reminds him that he needs to pay attention to him. He has been steadily inviting his friends over without talking it over with us. (Which, of course, I am guessing the other kid's parents are ignoring it, or don't know about it.) He started out doing great with his school work. He's extremely smart, and does have an attention problem!! However, now he's not even trying when it comes to his school work. I was concerned about him going to any public school because our schools don't allow for teachers to give students the help they need, even with only 9 students in the classroom. It's impossible for teachers to teach, when they are steadily having to discipline (which is not really discipline at all.) I

I'm a strict mother, and I got that from my mom! My mom raised me in a harsh environment, and I honestly hated her for it until I became a singel mother at age 23. Then I praised God that she had enough sense to install in me the ability to survive on my own. She never just gave me anything! I had to work my tail end off to get it. My boys don't have to do that because my in-laws spoil them rotten, and they live 200 ft away. (Before you go saying, I need to push to move away from my in-laws, I'm not doing it. My in-laws are my best friends, and honestly, I couldn't imagine being away from them. Especially since my mother-in-law is in bad health, and after already losing my mom at a young age. I value my time with my in-laws as much if not more than my kids do.)

However, the point that I was trying to get to, is that kids today are filled with to much time to play video games, and don't have the amount of chores our generation or prior generations had. This is not ALL kids, but the vast majority, mine included. I push for them to do chores, and my kids are so good hearted that they will pitch in at a drop of a hat. However, they are given the ability to learn the value of getting something from working hard for it. I've been trying to buck my husband and in-laws about it, but due to some of their history, they don't want to allow it. My husband is the head of this household, so I back down. However, the older my seven year old gets, the more he is starting to see my point of view. So, who knows he may still come around.

I see kids running all over stores, and being loud all the time. (Mine do it when I'm not there too.) It's so embarrassing. It's almost like everyone is so busy trying to not be like their parents that they forget that their parents made them who they are. Not to mention, their parents had houses, cars, degrees, and were well into their careers by the time they were in their 30's. There are still many people in this world like that, but there are far more adults like me that are just now working on getting their degrees and are struggling to get their life together.

My terrible layout is a result of getting married to quickly and to the wrong man! A lot of people are guilty like I am of that. Divorce is a major cause of someone having to start over. A person's life truly wasn't meant to have one..two..three.. or more start overs! I'm guilty of going through two divorces and having to put my true goals on hold for to long because I had to do what I had to do to support my kid and myself.

We need to work hard to teach our kids to do BETTER than us, and go back to true roots and meaning of life!! We need to install in them the ability to do for themselves sooner. We also need to get them to value education, respect their adults, and to do the best they can at all times. We also need to remind them that marriage should be about being with someone you love and someone who completes you! We also need to remind them that God has a purpose for our lives, and his way is truly the right way for us.

I speak from experience. I said "we" because I'm struggling to install all of those things in my boys, but I am definitely working on it. All a person has to do is take a couple hours and sit in a public place and watch people to see what I'm trying to say.



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