Doo's Journal

God Thinks He's Funny.

 I opened up the local newspaper to see blazing on the front page the re-elected Sheriff smiling as he held a pink slip showing how he had fired the person that ran against him.

How ugly.

How juvenile.

How selfish.

How....inadequate must one feel to pull such a dark move?

I watch these commercials on tv as one political hopeful bashes another and I admit, I turn the channel or turn it off.

I can barely stomach the tactics.

Unfortunately some of those tactics seep into relationships, friendships, marriages..

I have heard of a couple divorcing over opposing voting ballots.

I'd love to see a clean race.

An honest one.

One where the victor could celebrate and not be bashed, but rather have a thumbs up and say "whew, what a ride. You did a great job. Congratulations."

Perhaps I love the "Disney" endings to things.

It's true, but why does like really have to be SO far from it?

Somewhere along the political line we have lost the ability to challenge each other like adults and as adults.

You might as well put each person in a sumo suit and have them trash talk and push each other over.

That's about the caliber of fighting we are dealing with here.

I hate to see those kind of fights pierce through strong relationships.

There is a time where voicing your opinion is great, and yes this IS America...

But at what cost?

When do you draw the line?

Bullying one party for liking another...


It gets sketchy to me and a bit counterproductive.


I opened up the newspaper to see that picture and it ignited something within me that had to say "something".

So if you have read my something, thank you for taking the time.

If you have something to add, please do...

But I want everybody here to know, that I'll never judge you for how you vote..

Or if you do or don't.

You are people I have welcomed into my life, because I know difference is the only spice sometimes that can make life hop...

And only I have control on which direction and how high (...or low) I allow that hop to go.

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