Today I had a difficult discussion with my mother. Twenty years ago, she shared my journal with my aunt and uncle. Although it was innocent, a few of my journal entries were about them. I voiced an opinion about their way of life. After my aunt and uncle read my journal, they treated me differently. My mother's reasoning was that she had no one to talk to. My mother had been separated from my father for years.

Thinking back, I consider myself a good kid. I was difficult to read because I was shy. In my opinion, being shy did not justify my mother showing my journal to family members. I just wanted to know why she would share my journal when some of it was written about family. The outcome was not pleasant. My mother cried and then cursed me for not understanding her poor decision. If your child expressed an opinion about family members, would you show it to the family members it was written about?

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 7:15 AM

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I don't even read my kids' journals. That is private. That is where they can "vent" and feel safe for doing so. I keep the lines of communication open and let them know that they can tell me anything.....and they do.....sometimes more than I care to know, lol but a parent should never ever violate their child's confidence. That's plain wrong! And your mom acting all insulted when you tell her how much it hurt you?? OMG, wow! Sorry, but your mom (and my luney mother too!) need to grow up and stop taking what kids do as a personal attack. That just shows how much THEY need psycho-therapy!

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