i love my son very very much. hes So much like his daddy. i cant believe that i loved this little boy before he was born. i also cant believe that this boy grew inside of me for the pass 9 months.  im watching this movie called a marriage of convenience. its about atwo sisters,and one of the sisters was in the hospital pregnant, she was bleeding a lot, and they had to do a c section on  her , then she died. she was 7 months pregnant. this little boy now has a name, kevin, and kevin looks so so small like 4-5 pounds.  the aunt was going to put kevin up for adopion, and when the adopted parents found out that kevin might not be healthy they stopped the adoption. the aunt took another look at kevin and kevin looked at her and she just weeped. 7 years later his dad came in the picture, now he didnt know about kevin. he knew about him because kevins "mom" just found the letter that her sister wrote him before she died. all of a sudden kevins dad decides to give kevens "mom" some money. she revuised, and he said he wanted to visted kevin for at leaste 2 hours , she said no. she went to he to ld the "mom" that hes gonna take her to court for custady. anyways my point is that i am so greatful that i am married and i dont have to be scared about custidy and all the sourt stuff.  i am so bless because of my family. i am also blessed that Jaxon was and is healthy. you have to see that movie i just talked about, it is a MUST SEE. thats all for now. untill next time.


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Nov. 6, 2010 at 4:48 AM

these pictures are from when he was born untill now.angel mini hes my little angel from up above.

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