Rude Awakening

This morning was different.  I can faintly remember the essence of a dream.  I think it was a good one, because I can feel a part of me trying desperately to hold on to it.  Was I dreaming with my family? Was I at a beach?  Slowly I can feel the images dissipate along with the certainty that I am NOT asleep any longer. 

Something is OFF, not quite right.  I feel a pressure on my chest.  A million ideas run through my mind in an instant. Could I be dying? Is this a heart attack? Is there pain in my right arm? Or is it the left arm for a heart attack? (I can be SUPER dramatic even in a state of confusion)... The pressure is NOT getting any better, and in an instant I can feel a burning in my cheeks.

What could THIS be?
I desperately try to piece it all together, it feels like this pain in my chest has been increasing.  Then I hear it, that undeniable sound.  Although distant and muffled at first, it became clearer as I was becoming undoubtedly, and unwillingly might I add, awakened.

I hear "Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!! Wake UUUUPPPPP" coming from a gremlin on my chest who was happily slapping my face like it was going out of style.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 11:17 AM

That is so cute.I love being woke up by my children.Makes my day,..

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