I was on the internet last night and part of this morning (between sex breaks...lol) Reading about ovulation...ways to shoot for twins...all that fun stuff...It's funny how something like eating yams will increase ovulation thus causing you to having a bigger chance in making twins....I am going to be a yam eating ass for the rest of the year....or at least until I get pregnant...I don't care whether I have a boy or a girl...or 1 child..twins...or triplets....All that matters to me is that the baby is healthy....BUT...Having twins would be so cool...I could immediately tie my tubes... instead of holding out just in case we might want another one....But I guess we will see! I wish there was a way that I could have separate journal groups..One would be for everyday and the other would be for the baby making....ovulation & fertility process...Either way...I will be keeping posted on EVERYTHING!

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