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 My nephew is 12, small for his age but very friendly (always has a smile). He attends a school in a not so great area but lives with his dad in this not so great area. For the past year he has been picked on by a classmate. Name calling, shoving, knocking things over, those kind of behaviors. My nephew has just held his head up kept smiling and not done anything back. Why? Because his bully is a 12yr old GIRL! He was taught never to hit girls (he saw his mom be physically abused in the past by an ex husband). This young girl  loves to torment him. I got a phone call at 6:30 am Wednesday morning from this nephew and he was crying. After I got him to calm down he starts telling me he wants to kill him self, his head hurts, he's so dizzy. I asked what happened. "I got stabbed in the head auntie! She stabbed me in the head with a pencil!" He then began crying harder. I then had my husband call my nephew's brother who lives in the same town but with his grandmother to get to his father's house (he does not visit his father). I'm 3 hrs away! I talked to him until his brother got there then spoke to my other nephew and got what happened. The previous day this girl kept hitting him in the back of his head. My nephew asked her to stop that made her very angry in which she picked up her pencil and stabbed him in the head (right top side) then pulled the penicl out! She then stood up to come at him again with the penicl in which my nephew slipped under his desk and crawled under the other desks to get away while the teacher called for security. Police are involved and she is being charged with 1 count of assult with a deadly weapopn, 1 count of attempted homicide! Her paren't reaction "It was a harmless school girl crush over a boy" !! Are you kidding me? To top it off the "school nurse" looked at his head said it was nothing (there is a pencil sized hole) and did not call his father. They sent him back to classes for the day! He ended up leaving to go home and got in trouble for leaving school grounds. His father refused to take him to the hospital! After he called me and I made sure his brother was there I called his mom (my sister) and my dad. My dad left work immediantly and picked both of them up taking them straight to the ER. My nephew ended up needing emergency surgery to releave a hematoma on the right side of his head. Luckily the pencil did not hit his brain! The pediatric neurologist woke him up Friday adn so far no serious affects have occured but my nephew is still suicidal. He has to be restrained to prevent from harming himself. When he leaves the ICU he will have to go to the pediatric psych floor! And the parent's of his attacker still insist it was nothing!!


I do apologize for not updating quicker. I have been down with my nephew and family for support. Today he was tranfered to the pediatric psych ward. I hate that. I worked in a hospital psych ward and I know in the hospital it is safer but still he's my nephew. Luckily the census is very low there's 2 other's there so the ratio is 2 nurses to 1 patient. He has strict observation due to being highly harmful to himself. They have strict visiting hrs and only 2 visitors per patient and we have a big family! He is the youngest of 3 boys none of which live in the same home. My dad has convinced my sister to allow him to take guardianship of all 3 boys til she can prove she is stable enough to take care of her kids (that's a whole other post). I had temporary custody of my oldest nephew (the oldest of the 3) a few yrs ago for a yr while he was on parole and he is not who he used to be! I hope the same comes out for the other 2. But anyway's, my nephew is so afraid of people behind or to the side of him. He has severe panic attacks when he see's or smells pencil's. We have pressed charges on both the school and the girl, that's the 2 charge's our lawyer is charging her with. We viewed her interview with her lawyer and her confession, and it made me cry! Not only for what she did but you could just tell that something was happening to this girl, that this girl should not have ever been in this situation. Her parent's still believe this will blow over and are fine with paying the mountainous hospital bills. They have NOT apologized or anything. I honestly don't feel angry (maybe it's denial) at this girl. I feel her parent's have failed her since day one and will continue. We really appreciate the prayers and positive thoughts. I am not able to disclose the town nor city the incident occured or his location.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 10:58 AM

=(  I'm so sorry!  That poor little boy!   

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 11:03 AM

This made me cry. I have no spectacular words to say.......just Im so very sorry for your nephew. 

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 11:10 AM

OMG.I am so sorry this happened.Just like the post above mine I was in tears half way through..I hope this lil girl gets what she deserves.JAIL TIME.Your family and nephew are in my prayers. 

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Wow that is really bad. Sounds like the school is shrugging the situation off. I wonder how the parents of the girl would react if you told them you were retaining a lawyer "just in case".......

Please keep us in the loop as to the outcome of this and I'm sending my positive energy to you and your family.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 12:26 PM

This is a very sad situation and I pray that your nephew recovers emotionally.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 12:55 PM

 That is absolutely horrific!  I am so sorry for all your nephew has had to go through all because of a bully.  I do not understand why it seems schools are not taking the bullying more serious.  This girl should be kicked out of school immediately.  Her parents need to wake up and realize this is a serious issue that just does not go away.  I hope to God your nephew can get out of that school.  No child should ever have to go through being bullied when trying to learn and get an education.  Your nephew needs to understand none of this is his fault maybe counseling will help if he has suicidal thoughts.  My prayers are with him.  He needs all the support, love,and his self-esteem to be strengthened.  Hopefully, he will get all the help he needs.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 3:01 PM

That is terrible!!!! I know what it is like to have a kid that is bullied! I would press charges agianst the school and parents and get a lawyer and make them pay the medical bills and pain and suffering!!! I would also have the little witch expelled and sent to a different school!! An alternative school for  bullies!!!!! kids with social issues!!!  Let me know what happens. message me and let me know thanks.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 5:40 PM

I am so sorry to hear this happened. I teach my kids that fighting is wrong and that in no way are they to bully intimidate or hit anyone.    BUT....they all know that there are times that I tell them enough is enough..For instince my 9yr old daughter now but at the time was 7 kept coming home with bruises on her arms crying saying this boy kept pinching her and pushing pulling her hair..I emailed and called the principal and teacher and nothign was done..Finally I told my daughter to tell and she did long story short I got a call weeks later from prinicpal telling me my daughter was suspended for fighting.I arrived at school and she was in tears. I asked what happened she said mom he kept on and kept on I told him to stop like you said ,and he didnt so I kicked  him in the private she said...I looked up told prinicpal that ,that is what I told her to defend herself because enough was enough and that no one helped her and that she was to defend herself...I dont tolerate fighting but I teach ALL  my kids that if they ask for help and tell they are being bullied that at the end if nothing is done and they cant walk away they are to defend themselves....My 14yr old son at age 13 was at a school function with us was outside and some boys came up to him and beat him up and he had blood all over him.I tried to call the pollice for assult and they cant do anything because it was on school premises...  The next day I get a call from the school where my son went to school telling me MY  SON was suspended for fighting..because he defended himself and fought back he got suspended.The other kids due to them being special ed for education purposes had no suspension.Apperantly special ed kids get special priviledges....  This I though was wrong.That is when I finally told all my kids ...first step to tell someone they are being harassed bullied etc...Then walk away if they can..if they cant and they are being cornered to fight back......The schools dont agree with me I have fought day in and day out with the school that is telling me kids not to fight..But they dont understand I will not let me children get beat down.If they cant walk away and if no one is around to hlep them they are to defend themselves....


So sad this happened to your nephew wish him the best to recover.I cant believe the girls parents dont see what  is wrong. How sad.We all as parents know our children know when our kids are wrong and also know when they are right.I myself had to turn my kids in for doing wrong and it was the hardest things to do but that showed them that is part of parentsing..To know when and where to set limits...  Hope all works out for you.But how sad that bullying laws dont affect us all.I am in MI and we dont have it.. :(  But all you can do is stand by your nephews side help him to help others understanding bulling cant happen.



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Nov. 6, 2010 at 6:18 PM

The sad thing is that this is not an isolated event. it seems to be a common problem. What a sad  state of affairs for our society to have come to this. In the past schools had more control and now feel they are helpless to deal with children who are becoming more and more violent. There are times when I feel I should just home school. I hope and pray that this little boy is able to get his life back on track....I would be very hesitant about putting him back in the same situation but it sounds like his own father will not advocate for him so it takes an Aunt who lives so far away....Thank goodness he does have someone who really cares. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

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Nov. 6, 2010 at 6:33 PM

I agree that this needs to be dealt with. School crushes turning into abuse like that is not love it is abuse. If it isn't allowed in marriage, dating, or even friendship then it is NOT allowed in crushing. 

What is worse is the little girl probably needs some form of help either psychologically or medically. But they are making all these excuses to keep her from the help she needs. And it will only get worse. If her anger is causing her to stab pencil's into your nephew's head then she needs to be evaluated. 

And your poor nephew is dealing with a parent who does not listen and a school telling him he is not worth the effort. I think he might need to find a different living situation because obviously that is not the best place for him. He needs a lot more attention than he is getting. I am relieved to see that you jumped up to help because it could have gone a lot worse. 

Schools need to help out with change as well as the parents. 

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