So I am trying my hand at adding bows.
Several of my customers have asked me if I could make a bow to match the tutu's that they have purchased from me, so I decided to give it a try.

I do not have these on my Etsy shop yet, as I will be trying to make the tutu's and bows in a package deal.   I might even try to make some with matching shirts with an applique on them.

What kind of designs would be best?   For Halloween, I had made my daughter a shirt that said BOO in a very neat font, but it had a really cool background. She wore a black and orange tutu with black leggings and a black and orange bow on a black crochet headband (She's five months old). and I thought it looked really cute.

For now, These are the prices I have for the bows. They made me adjusted if needed.

Small - $2.00
Medium- $3.00 or 2 for $5.00 Large- $3.50

The small bows, I am making are small enough to fit on an infants head, but also the perfect size for clipping bangs back. Although, there medium and larger bows look very cute on the infants head as well and are a wonderful touch to any little girl or older girls outfit!

I'll have some of the crochet headbands here soon as well! I can not wait to keep adding more to this.
Hopefully finished pictures of my dress that I made will be on here soon. I am very excited about it.
It didnt take long to make, but I had to find the PERFECT invisible zipper and matching buttons to go on it and that is what has taken so long!

If you want to purchase something,  please msg me on here.  IF you do not want to go thru my etsy shop.  YOu are more than welcome to become a fan of my Steph's Designs Page on on FB. I Ship anywhere in the U.S.

Please become a fan to me on FB at

IF you want something in particular, I can custom make it.
Just msg me!

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