On everything that I have worked so hard on, I try to keep my head up and keep praying because I know God hasn't forgetten about me nor my needs and family, etc. But this month and last month has been hell on wheels for me, first one of my friends just suddenly stops breathing one day and then we had a fire that too almost all of my kids clothes and etc(thank God will all lived) , then my parents told me that my grandmother was in the hospital for her heart and then tonight we had a fire in our kitchen...fml! I just don't understand why all of this is happening to me the only good that came out of this is I still have my life, my children, my husband and my family and of course the support from all my mamas on BG but it has been rough and I really haven't been on here that much because I have become more busy with work and family etc but I just wanted to give everybody an update about me and my life and just ask for all you'll prayers at this time and I will be praying for you'll always and I pray that God will keep watching over you and your family and sending blessings your way each and everyday. Also baby Lily is going wonderful I will be going to an appointment next week so I should have ultrasounds so yall can see how big she has gotten and sorry for no new pics its been alot going on right now, ugh! but still I am alive and going much better but still in need of things, God Bless you all!

If anyone would like to donate/give away anything like clothes, shoes,etc rather its new or old its doesn't matter I am in need of baby stuff for my children, thank you for all your love and support and remember if you'll ever need me I am here. God Bless and LOVE YA!!! =)

-Leslie B<3

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