I have to be honest here, I get so sick of seeing all of these ridiculous home based job postings on CafeMom. Fill out forms, Click this and that to earn pennies..Sell useless products and make little to nothing, badger your family and friends, and so on! Is anyone else sick of it???

I work as an Educational Consultant for EDC Publishing ~ Usborne Books ~ Kane Miller Books

I have a REAL business making REAL money and best of all..It's rewarding!

I get a bit saddened when I see other women falling for all of these business opportunities here, when there are good, real, companies that are making a difference in our world for the better, not simply stabbing this person in the back to climb up and make another 10 dollars.

If you have any education background, or like working with kids, are interested in starting a wonderful business and making friends with some of the greatest women I have ever met, hop over to my website when you have a moment and see what a good work from home business opportunity looks like.


Email me with questions, or for more info!

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