here it gose about my life when i was a kid my mom always put em down but making fun of me calling fat saying that i wont pretty eough to be her daughter and that i want small liek her to be her kid everythime she went shopping she would tell me that you cant go cause your fat and they wont let you in cause this store is for small people and from then to now i still dont go in those stores cause of that she ould always hit me in the face and tell me that im ugly that no on is going to wont to date you and told me one that that i was nothing but a fat a** B***h to her and that i wont her daughter so when she left my dad she said i dont want you to come with me your staying with your dad cause your not my kid my mom has never wanted to spend time with me she never showed me how to dress like a lady or up make-up on or anything liek that my father had to show me how to shave my legs cause she didnt want to show after all that  i got married when i was 18 to a guy that i thought i would be with for the rest of my life but that was a lie he cheated on me 3 time and i couldnt take it any more so i told him to leave so after he life he moved right in with his girl he was seeing behind my back and now they are having a kid together and it hurt me to know that we didnt have kids for some reason and i just dont know why. i just hope that there not something wrong with me to where i cant have kids. now i found a really great guy that i want to get married to one day casue he has been in my life for 7 months now and he been helping me out alot and he been showing how to love people again he cares alot for me and he tells me that im pretty every day and that he want to be with me and he always posting on my facebook wall that he loves me and everythign he is so sweet i just hope that he dont do what my ex did to me cause i jsut dont want to get hurt again cause i dont think my heart cant take the pain again  i hope one day to have a family cause i want to be a mommy  and i also have the greated cuzz that has been helping out alot by talking to me and i cant wait to see her this weekend i love you cuzz your liek a sister to me

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Apr. 13, 2011 at 9:30 PM

you go girl! :) well said :) im glad u got someone good to treat you right and btw im that cuzz everyone :)

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Apr. 14, 2011 at 5:42 AM

It's sad what your mother did to you, she sounds like she had mental issues! But those words can" stick like glue!" I'm glad to hear your with someone positive, just take it slow, theres no rush in making sure he is the right one for you! Good luck sweetie!

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