I have not posted in my journal for a long time infact it has been a long time sense I was on Cafe Mom but I need advise really bad... my husband had a picture in his pocket he drew of another girls name and when Iasked who she was he said an x girlfriend who he dated a long time ago and she showed up at his work and wanted him back so he was going to write her a letter letting her sown easy on this paper he so beautifully drew her name. I feel betrayed and hurt and even like he has cheated on me he said it was because he wanted to let her down easy and didn't want to hurt her feelings so why would he rather hurt mine I am his wife. How do I forget and How do I believe that is all this picture was and not that he had been carrying on with her for God only knows how long until I caught on and who is to say he still isn't seeing her if that be the case i am going crazy and it hurts so bad I do not think he knows just what he has done to me. I just wish it all could all go away. 

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