Life has really been hard on me. I was in a bad car accident at the age of five. I had broke most of my ribs, my jaw was hanging and the windshield was in my forehead. It took the Dr's over 13 hours to pick all the glass and bones out. I am blind in one eye and of course all of the scarring. I lost a sister in that accident. I was not suppose to be any thing more then a veggie. I am strong I had pulled through.

 I then suffered the terrors of school. The teasing and getting beat up, the lonely nights and hardly any friends. I became with drawn and shy, until I hit high school. I then discovered sex. I would have sex buddies and that was it. No real boyfriends. I was a mess. I had dropped out. I couldn't take it any longer.

 I then discovered drugs and booze. I partied hard and yes had sex with random people. I used protection and I really hated myself. I had made a huge mess out of my life.

 My parents didn't really seem to care. I was tossed back and forth between the two. My mom had my younger sister as a replacement for the child she had lost and kinda pushed me aside. I was her reminder. My dad would get drunk and I then became his guilt. It was hard. I never felt loved or wanted. I began to wish I had died also. But I am strong!

  I met my hubby. He is three years younger then me. He didn't want just sex he actually wanted me! I was so happy. He made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I had gotten pregnant and he stayed and we have been together for 17 years. My one bright moment in time.

 His family hates me. I have no idea why they do. He still stayed with me. I finally started getting a lone with his brothers and one sister. I loved his dad. His dad was great. He accepted me with all my flaws because I had loved my hubby so much.

 We had a bad start in our marriage. Our oldest son had a bad asthma attack and we spent our honeymoon in the hospital with him. We didn't mind we were together and that was ll that mattered.

 Our life became harder when I had started having panic attacks after our youngest was born. I had problems caring for the kids. We moved in with my mom for awhile and then he got sick. He had a kidney problem. We were lucky yet again and he had a donner in his family. He had gotten a few more years.

 We are still struggling but we are together.

 Why you ask? Because together we are invincible.

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Nov. 7, 2010 at 2:36 PM

Bravo for you for not letting all of that drag you down! Stay strong!

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