So I am at this hotel with a whole bunch of other people, some I know some I don't. I end up seeing this really hot woman. I flirt with her. I end up asking her back to my room to 'see me off'. She decline because I have to share my room with others. I tell her that it's ok because I can tell them to leave or we can find another room. She still says no and we go our separate ways. I go upstairs to my room and start packing. I'm in the middle of packing when she comes in. She says she had to see me one last time. I yell at someone else to finish packing for me and this woman and I go into one of the other rooms to 'get to know each other better'. When we are done it is time for my group to head home. However, to leave the hotel you have to ride this rapid down this hill.

So I jump in the last canoe and we head down. As we are going down the hill I notice something in the distance. It is a wire strung up across the river. It is going to decapitate everyone in my group. So I yell for everyone to duck. I jump on the side of this man made river and run along the side to see how many of these things there are. There are a bunch. And then at the end there is an electric wire going across the riverbed so when the water hits it it is all going to be electrified. So I run ahead and pull them up. I hear from the back someone asking how I can do this and someone else said it was because I am strong and special.

This whole river thing ends at this temple surrounded by tables with what looks like party guests. My group and I climb to the top where I see 4 spots where spikes go that correspond to the 4 elements. I set the spikes in the holes. I them transform into my true form. I am a lycan. I then let out a howl. I hear from below someone say I shouldn't of done that. I yell back that I only called for her. I knew who set this all up. It was her. The hot woman. She hops up onto the temple with one leap and asks what did I expect. I told her I didn't understand. I said I realize that she is a vampire but why all of this. She didn't respond and just yelled for the rest of them to attack. I did my best to protect my group, which at this point I called my citizens. However, after just a few minutes they all stop suddenly. I look over and in the distance I can see something big coming but I don't know what.

And this is where the dream ends because I was awoken by my 4 year old.

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