I haven't written in here in a long time! Wow.

Well, let's see what's changed? The girls are almost 4 1/2 now. They started full time preschool in September and absolutely LOVE it. They bring me home artwork all the time, and you KNOW I love that!

We found out they need glasses, so in a few weeks they'll be wearing them all the time for their nearsightedness and astigmatism - the exact same things I have. Lucky them! They are going to look adorable in them though, and so far they seem pretty enthused about wearing them.

Christmas is coming! Well, I'm a bit overzealous about it I think, we have almost 2 months yet, but I'm excited! I'm also almost done shopping for the girls already. It feels good to be done early. They got tons of books, Leapser Explorers, stuffed animals, dolls, art supplies, etc. It'll be a good Christmas :)

Annnnd, that's it.

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