A few weeks ago I posted a post about getting evicted. My DH and I got behind one month in June and have been struggling since. Our rent here is $1000 a month, I work as a bus driver so I didn't work for the summer. We've been making our rent payments, however just didn't have enough to send extra to take care of the back rent. And as long as you keep it below the amount of rent you are charged they will not start court proceedings. However we could only send a specific amount on a Monday, and were going to send the rest on Friday when I got paid. I called them on Friday and they told us we had to contact the lawyer and work it out with them. Now it's tacked on another $600, she told me if I could pay $1700 buy the first of November then we would not be going to court. Well I don't have that kind of money laying around, I know I should have an emergency fund, but we used it... We missed the amount by a measly $126. I was a mess... I posted a post had it up all afternoon and got no replies, I was embarrassed so I erased it.

On my way home from work one day I drove by a duplex for rent, I quickly grabbed my phone dialed the number, left a message although I wasn't sure I had the number right. I did, she called me later in the evening and we chatted. It's a 2 bedroom duplex with dry basement, garage and it's own yard!! We live in an apartment complex right now, no yard nothing, It sucks. Rent for the duplex is 200 less than here, however we have 3 bedrooms here. I didn't tell hubby about it immediatly because I didn't think it would be a good idea. But I did tell him and he asked me if I had heard back, I told him the rent sign was gone, it wasn't. Just didn't feel right.

We went to a birthday party last night and on the way home we passed the duplex, the sign was still there, so Dh asked me if that was it, I said yes. About 3 miles later I pull into the drug store for hubby to run in and my cell phone rings. It's the lady with the duplex!!! We had just passed it and decided to call her back today. She wanted to set up an appt to show us. I reminded her about our cats, her DH is allergic and she wanted to check with him. So she called him then calls me back and he said it's fine but we'll have to pay a little more in security and 10 or 15 more a month! I set up an appt for 2 since DH had to be to work at 3.

 I feel like this is the right thing to do. However here is my reservations, we could pay a lot of money on the back rent we owe and possibly not have to go to court, or we could use the money to pay for this duplex. And she's showing it to 6 other people today. I have been praying like crazy to make the right decision. It will happen if it's meant to happen. I really pray it happens, the garage and yard, Oh Lord please!

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Nov. 7, 2010 at 10:58 AM

Maybe you can pray that God close every door that you are NOT supposed to enter, and that He allow you to  go only the way that is according to His will.

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Nov. 7, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Thank you, you are right. I should pray for the right direction. I've been praying for guidance since she called back.

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