I feel like i'm loosing my mind my husband decided to stay up last night till three am playing his video game and then this morning just wakes up and gets ready and of course i have to ask where are you going? o well i was going to take alf and go to work well  when were you planning on asking me. I mean come what where you going to just leave with out saying any thing. Of course the back stroke well i was going to tell you. So last night we talked about him giving me more breaks and watching alexs so i could paint my nails or take an hour nap this morning he addmitted to me that he herd nothing of what i said lasr night. You know what really gives me the red ass the fact that he gave me eye contact and still didn't hear me. Gosh i wilsh i could do that just block every thing out when i please. The point is i told him that i need alexs around i don't need him and my daughter leaving in order to get a break i just would like to know that he will watch her and occupy her so i can do dishes or what ever it might be. Its the feeling of confidence thats gratifying. I love my husband and daughter i have the most perfect life with a few ups and downs but for the most perfect. I know deep down in my heart that the grass is not greener on the other side. That as long as i stick to this one and continue to mold and communicate things will be fine.

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Nov. 7, 2010 at 11:47 AM

Good luck honey, just keep trying and be patient.

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