"it's all relative"
and yet i cannot make sense of the words or the meaning
or the way it pertains to me
my life

my love

something that i keep an eye on, lest it fall to the wrong hands

of time, slipping by
deciding my fate before i have the courage to choose
what i will be
or who will know my face

because you see me and it is the reflection i face in the mirror
the one i try to make you see
even if it isn't me

i will cross all the virtues and vices
you keep in your back pocket, but you will never know if what you feel
is real

how can it be?
when life comes to a close and all you have ever felt is laid bare before you
will you know
who i am?

or will you see the lies
the pain dressed up as beauty, in a mask of curiosity
or maybe mystery

misery behind eyelids of patience,

and you'll say, "it was all relative."

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