So I'm about 37 weeks along and can not summon up the motivation to do what I want/need to do to prepare for my new DD. It's so awful, lol. I look around at the mess I call a home (DH and 2 yr old DD destroyed it last night), shake my head and sit down on the couch. I know I should at least attempt to clean up the millions of toys that litter my living room, but in all honesty.. they're just going to be there again when she wakes up from her nap. As for the mess DH made, he'll just make it again looking through what I've just put away. It's like running up an icy hill on roller skates.. I'm just gonna end up back where I was.

So here's my plan.. It's a semi drastic move I must say considering I've never thought I'd need to do it. I'm going to call my MIL and ask her to come help me, lol. Yeah, yeah I know.. calling the MIL to come help me clean up and get organized, what a way to admit defeat. But ladies that's EXACTLY what I am. I have been defeated by this mess, this lack of energy and pretty much this pregnancy, lol. Maybe she can come tomorrow when DH has a day off and get him to straighten up his stuff too.. hmm.. the possibilities ;)

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